Editing Services

Apart from writing under two pen names, I also provide editing services. Whether you’re looking to submit to agents and publishers, or venturing out to the wild world of Indie Publishing, I can help.


Proofreading: 0.0035 per word. Proofreading is a run through to check for grammar, punctuation, consistency, and spelling errors. It is not an in-depth line edit. Free sample proofread provided.

Line Edit: 0.0045-0.0055 per word. Line edits are more in-depth than proofreading. This covers sentence structure, story consistency, as well as everything in a proofread. Due to the amount of time line edits can take, if writing style needs just a touch extra I will quote a higher price. Of course, all will be discussed before price is agreed on. Free sample edit provided.

Developmental Editing: This is a unique partnership and requires an individualized quote depending on depth of developmental work and length of novel.

Beta-reading: $25 a book. I love to read, and I read quickly. If you’re looking for feedback as a reader on your novel, I’d love to help. I don’t enjoy erotic books or graphic sexual content as a reader, but am open to most genres with engaging characters.

Keep Writing. Keep Dreaming.

Love (all my names)

CJ Marie

LJ Andrews